Woodworking with Ingredients

Crafting Gameplay Mod

This is an expansion of my 'Woodworking uses Wood' mod and I've absorbed those woodworking recipes here as well as added some new ingredients. This includes some changes to the woodworking table menus to make them more organized and easier to see. Some crafting ingredients like wood logs and twigs have been moved to this mod and a bunch of new ones have been added like nails and wood planks.




What it Does:
  • Adds new menus to the woodworking table

  • Puts woodworking recipes in a table style menu instead of bubbles

  • Adds new supply ingredients like nails and wood planks

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Conflicting Resources:

If you have any other mod that includes/changes the resources below, then it will conflict with this mod.

  • Any mod that alters the woodworking table tuning

  • My old 'Woodworking uses Wood' mod; please delete that version if you have it!

Updates to Woodworking Table: 

I've gotten rid of the original menus and added 5 of my own. They are separated by basic categories and I may or may not expand on them in the future. These menus now show up as a table like food recipe menus so you can actually see what you want your sim to make and what ingredients they need to make it. Note: Ingredients are always optional!

New Ingredients:

I've added several new ingredients that can be crafted on the woodworking table which can be found in the new 'Supplies' section. It takes a while to craft them so I've made it so that you will get multiple items after crafting instead of getting just one. There are also some ingredients that I've moved from the 'Shared Ingredients' file to this mod because it made more sense and keeps any additional required downloads to a minimum. Please make sure you download the updated 'Shared Ingredients' file after you download this mod. 

Ingredients included: 

  • Wood Log - (moved from Shared Ingredients file)

  • Twigs - (moved from Shared Ingredients file)

  • Compost Pile Override - (moved from Shared Ingredients file)

  • Wood Plank - NEW - req. Wood Log

  • Nails - NEW - req. Any Metal

  • Fasteners - NEW - req. Any Metal

  • Nuts - NEW - req. Any Metal

  • Wire - NEW - req. Any Common Metal

Planned Ingredients: 

  • Twine

  • Glue

  • Wood Glue

  • Electrical Wire

Crafting Metal Ingredients

Metal ingredients like wire and nails will be crafted on the table and will use any base-game metals as ingredients. There is a slightly different animation when crafting it but I will likely refine and update this in the future ;)

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You MUST re-download any updated REQUIRED or OPTIONAL mods BEFORE downloading this content or it will not work properly!

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